Dubuc&Co. Offers a wide selection of wood species.

About a dozen wood species are available. We count on reputable suppliers to ensure you get a product that meets your specific needs.

Our wood species

African mahogany
Red alder
Red oak

White ash
White oak

Clear pine
Yellow pine

We offer several types of cuts to produce the look you want

Our experts deliver quality cuts that bring out the grain of the wood for the best possible effect.

Types of cuts

coupe à plat / flat cut

Flat cut

The half log is cut parallel to a line through its center. This cut gives the wood grain a cathedral or crown structure.

quarter cut / coupe sur quartier

Quarter cut

The quarter log is cut perpendicular (at a 90° angle) to the tree’s growth rings. This creates very linear wood grain. However, a “flaky” effect will be obtained in certain species, such as oak.

rift cut / coupe sur rive

Rift cut

The quarter log is cut at an angle approximately 15° less than the perpendicular position of the quarter cut. This will produce a linear wood grain and will reduce the “flaky” effect in some species.

Matching made in heaven

Dubuc & Co. Offers the same four types of matchings commonly found in the wood veneer industry. And we have mastered each technique to perfection. Every matching we produce delivers a high-quality look thanks to state-of-the-art technology and the unparalleled expertise of our employees.

matchings book match / agencement portefeuille

Book match

The book match effect is obtained when several adjacent sheets of veneer from the same log are placed alternately, like the pages of a book, then glued together. The inversed cut is therefore a mirror image of the next, producing a series of pairs.

random match or mismatch / agencement effet planche

Random match or mismatch

In this case, the veneer sheet is made of cuts from the same species with different grains and colors to simulate a board effect. Dubuc & Co. Has acquired a machine – the only one in quebec – that produces the best results using this technique.

slip match / agencement à plat

Slip match

Slip matching is obtained when several adjacent sheets of veneer from the same log are slid side by side (always facing the same direction) and then glued together. The result is repetitive wood grain, but without the pairing of book matching.

slip and swing match / agencement à plat et retournée

Slip and swing match

Similar to slip matching with sheets placed side by side, but with every other one turned 180 degrees. This gives a less repetitive and symmetrical effect, and the sheets look bigger.


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